Sunday, February 26, 2012

Audrey is OUR Fancy Nancy!

Friday night we all went to see a performance of Fancy Nancy. This was a perfect night for Audrey, our fancy girl. Audrey likes to look 'just so' and has her own vision for how she should look each day. Audrey loves bags, wallets, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, satin gloves, fairy wands, scarves, and all other accessories. She is such a stylish girl!

Here is how Audrey dressed to go!

Audrey's 'book' from the performance.

William, Nora, and Audrey after the performance.

We met some friends for ice cream sundaes, aka *parfaits* afterwards.

The mothers.
We love our fancy girl!!!!
(Thank you to Kari Weerts for the use of her pictures!!!!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My baby is a month away from turning 2. She is playful and sweet and funny and spicy, and I try to really soak it all in because she is my last baby.

She has changed so much in the past few weeks. Her hair is growing fast. She is so tall. Her vocabulary seems be be expanding exponentially every day. She says 3 and 4 word sentences (usually commands!). She keeps up with her brother and sister. Lately, when being put to bed, she asks to be rocked. She tells me she loves me. My heart is happy. I rock her until she tells me she wants to go to bed.

She is going to be the animal lover of the family. She squeals with joy when she sees animals in person, in books, or even the cows we drive by on the way to town. She is nuts over Martha, and I think it's mutual.

My baby is growing up, so very very quickly. I am going to savor every day.