Friday, April 19, 2013

The Whistler

It's been an exciting week for our Audrey.  She came downstairs early one morning and announced that she could whistle....and she could!!!  William has attempting to whistle for awhile, and Audrey must have been paying attention.  

Audrey is so happy that she can create such a pretty (and loud) sound from her lips.  It's also exciting to be the first kid in the family to whistle!!  She even got to show off her new skill to her preschool class!  

It's hard to whistle when you are giggling.....  

So proud of my Audrey!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Winter 2012-2013....It's a Wrap!

As I am catching up this morning, the girls are sleeping, the boys are in town going about their business at work and school, and I am witnessing the snow is falling at a steady rate.  Perhaps these spring snows will slow the mosquitos and ticks this summer?  One can hope!
Anyway, winter is officially over for me, as I post a few more pictures of the winter season.  We had a great winter, but I think we are all ready to witness the earth thaw and come back to life! 
Tuesdays after school were spent at the YMCA for swim lessons.  Nora loved it!

William went from being nervous in the water and not wanting to jump in the pool to swimming the length of the pool (and more) unassisted.  

In January, William was in basketball for Kindergarten and 1st Graders at the Y. 

My kid.

This was Nora's first year snow shoeing.  She picked it up quickly.  Baby Livia even got to experience it!

Audrey, Nora, and Martha making their way through the snow on the lake.

Aren't they darling in their little snow shoes?!?!

A girl has to take a break, you know?

William learned how to cross-country ski this winter....on his Dad's old cross country skis.  He thought it was very cool!

Time indoors this winter was spent sawing chandeliers....

....doing hair and accessorizing

....loving on Martha

....dressing up as a puppy

...being silly

....and more loving on Martha!

My Baby Girl (is...getting...heavy!)

Happy Spring!