Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Camp Skaudis

Our dear friends, the Witciks, recently came for their traditional mid-summer visit.  We finally have named this event....CAMP SKAUDIS!  Camp Skaudis has a little something for everyone:  abundant woods to roam or ride the 4-wheeler; a quiet lake to swim, fish, or tube; comfortable couches and quiet (hahaha) to take an afternoon nap; lots of people around to keep you company; and there's always something good to eat.

We really look forward to having our friends visit.  The kids, like the adults, seem to pick up right where we left off.  

Audrey, Ellie, and Nora loved dancing with E's umbrellas.

Noah and Nora are a month apart.  Perhaps they will marry one day?!

The kids loved riding the 4-wheeler.

I think the 4-wheeler was Noah's favorite part of his stay!

The troops headed down to the lake....

Checking out a school of minnows.

Baby Eric is the most well-mannered baby ever.  

Noah jumping off the dock, while Mom and Eric look on.

Audrey and Ellie ready to tube!

Martha was not excited about waiting on the dock.  Mike's turn!

E holding up Ellie's fish.  

Look at all those adults lined up, ready to catch children!


Ellie and Mike.

The Husband---mid-jump--what form!

Nora loved Baby Eric!!

E and Eric.

Noah experienced a "Garage Buzz Cut" with William.  Don't they look cute with their summer hair?!

 We had one rain day, but decided to let the kids play outside anyway.  Ellie and William having a water fight!

Girls and puddles.

The kids got creative and made bridges.

Hanging out by the campfire.

These two provided some campfire entertainment!

5 of our 6 children.  

The men "exercising" after dinner one evening.

Three pretty little girls, soaking their feet.

Eric, content to play on the beach.


Mike, Ellie, and Nora soaking up some rays.

Live Action!

Nora, William, Ellie, Audrey, Noah, and Eric posing for the necessary group shot.  It turned out pretty well this year!

Audrey and Nora saying goodbye to Ellie. 

 This year's theme:
Lexington Rummy Champs:

Thanks for coming....we can't wait til next time, Witciks!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Start of Summer

The beginning of summer has been fast and furious.  Here is a quick recap.

Audrey finished up her first year of Little Lambs Preschool.  Here she is with Nora and Mrs. Derby.

What a fantastic year she had at Little Lambs.  She learned and grew a lot!

William had soccer in May at the YMCA.  He enjoyed it!

William wrapped up his Kindergarten year.  Here he is with his sisters on the last day of school.

Proud to be a first grader in the fall!

Now, school's out for summer, it's time to celebrate! (with Grandpa Bob)

We have spent time with family.  
Nora with Great Grandma Iris.

Great Grandma Iris (GGI) with Audrey, Nora, and William.  She looks squished!

 The Husband with William, Nora, Great Grandma Sylvia, Audrey, and Mummi Alice.

The Husband took the kids out for the first canoe ride of the summer.  Martha was sad sad sad to be left home.  She followed on the shore crying, and was there to meet her family on the dock.   

Looks like it was cool out.  Winter jackets are never packed away for summer in Minnesota!

Nora loves worms.  Here she was "taking care of them."

And, we've had lots of worms around because we have done a lot of fishing.




Nothing beats coming home from work and catching crappies off the dock!

Nora and her "Perchy."

Grandpa Bob, Nora, and Buzz pointing out something fantastic.

Audrey and Grandpa Bob.

Mimi and her crappie!

Family fishing at sunset.

My trio looks really excited!

We participated in our lake's annual fishing contest again this year.  William won 2nd place in the Children's Division.  

Audrey won the Guppy Award for the smallest fish.  This is not the first time she won this award!!

The award winners!

The kids have been swimming nearly every day.  Swim lessons all last school year has made for some brave and skilled swimmers.

 A little love from Mimi!

Audrey loves to 'shop' in my closet....check out those kicks she's wearing to ride the trike!

How many babies can we fit in a bucket?!

Nora likes speed.  

A rare photo of the children and me.

Nora is so silly!

July 4 was picture perfect!  The weather could not have been better.  We watched the boat parade and our family gathered to have a BBQ.

Auntie, Grant, and the kids.

Looking cool in their shades.  

Alice, Mummi Sylvia (decked out for July 4), and me.

We spent time on the lake July 4.  Nora with Auntie.

Nora jumping in with Grant!

A triple jump!

Audrey and Grant taking a turn.

Audrey has gotten so brave in jumping in and swimming in the middle of the lake. 

We've been having a blast this summer, but we have not been so busy as to miss our beautiful surroundings.  

Can summer last forever?!?