Friday, November 30, 2012


I love Thanksgiving!  It's right up there as one of my favorite holidays.  I think because it is all about gathering together with those you love, and sharing a meal.  We love food.  And family.  Thanksgiving was a marathon event this year for us.  We started out celebrating with the Skaudis side, and had a wonderful meal and good wine!

Everyone wants to hold Baby Livia!  She is growing so fast!

Audrey and Mummi Sylvia.

 Nora and Mummi Sylvia.

 The Skaudis men, post-meal recline, listening to John Denver.  

 Next up was dinner with my parents and Grandma Iris.  Mmmm...turkey for lunch and turkey for dinner, without having it leftover.  We drove home through some wicked weather, where my sister and Grant met us.

 Friday was our 3rd and final Thanksgiving meal, prepared by yours truly.  My parents and Grandma Iris came over, and Auntie and Grant.  Here my mother and Grant are enjoying some boozy eggnog! (Is that my mother's reaction to how I mix a drink?!?!?!).

 Grandma Iris and Auntie

 We gather together!

 Oh...the pies!!!

 Nora and Great Grandma Iris, hanging out on the couch together.

 Happy bellies!

 After dinner Friday, we cozied up by a fire.....

 ....and watched silly YouTube videos!

 I had a chance to walk the trails through the woods with Martha.

 These 2 decided to undo some of their Thanksgiving feasts by doing a Jillian Michaels exercise DVD.

A wonderful Thanksgiving was had by all....we can hardly wait for Christmas!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

We Love Weddings!!!

We had another family wedding the beginning of November.  Cousin Christy got married, and all 3 kids were in her wedding.  We love weddings, especially getting together with family to celebrate marriage!!!  

The festivities started Friday night with rehearsal dinner.  This awesome trio serenaded us while we ate delicious Italian food.  It was after the dinner that things really got exciting....Christy passed out thank you gifts, and the kids were eager to start opening.  We had forgotten about the candle pushed off to the side of the table, until William's box and tissue paper were in flames.  The Husband has quick reflexes, and he was able to stomp out the flaming tissue paper before the fire alarm went off, but we were all covered with tissue paper ashes.  What a show!

William and Audrey before the wedding.

Audrey, William, and the groom, Matt.

I really love these three!

William being silly with Auntie at the reception!

The newlywed Auntie and Grant, with Nora looking on.

I love my sister!  We decided to streak the dance floor doing our own version of an obnoxious mamba!  We have fun, what can I say?

I hope my girls like each other as much as I like my sister....

The BAR BOYS---the Husband, Grant, and my Father. 

 Another set of sisters!  Aunt Barb and my Mother.

 Cousin Love!  (Why do I not have a photo of all the cousins?!  At the next gathering for sure!).  
Who'll be getting married next?!  I can't wait!

We ended the night at the pool.  We enjoyed trying to out-perform each other's cannon balls.  Notice my father plugs his nose when he jumps him!!!