Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Photos

We are starting a tradition of having family pictures taken each fall. We tried a new photographer this year and LOVED her! Sarah was calm, fun, and had a way of making the kids follow her directions and look at the camera. Here is just a sample of what was taken.

I asked Sarah to take a few pictures of me with the kids...I am always on the other side of the camera---there needs to be proof that I exist!!
This was a serious hug!!

Handsome boy, very reluctant to remove his hat.

Doesn't she look angelic in this picture?

L-O-V-E this one!!!!

One of my favorites---my boys!

William looks more comfortable in a hat, don't you think?!

Audrey was so much more cooperative this year than last. She enjoyed being photographed!


4 out of 5 of us looking in the right direction!


Doesn't William look in control of THE SISTERS?!

After the Kids are in Bed!

Often, after we get the kids to bed, the night is still young and the husband and I put in another 'shift'. It's hard to be ultra-productive with 3 little kids, so you do what you have to do to get things done---and honestly, I love being up late and spending time with the husband!

We laid tile in our bedroom. Thanks, YouTube, for the great tutorials!

I made a quilt for Audrey's birthday.

I complained to the husband one day that I could not find a suitable shoe shelf anywhere. He whipped this thing up for me one night. Gotta love a handyman.

We put our raspberry harvest to good use by making raspberry jam (and a HUGE thanks to mother-in-law Alice for her contribution of berries)!

Every once in awhile, the kids are in bed early enough for us to appreciate a peaceful and breath-taking sunset.