Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 We started celebrating Halloween this weekend when my parents were visiting.  Grandpa Bob loves to carve pumpkins, so it was fun to have him share that with the kids.  

 The crew working hard, gutting the pumpkins....

 Mimi and Grandpa Bob meant business!

 Nora and "The Ghost"

 Grandpa Bob and "Spooky"

Audrey and "Smiley"

William, the Husband, and "The Dentist"

Mimi decided to take her pie pumpkin home whole, and planned to bake it this week.

All lit up!

William the skeleton, Nora the puppy, and Audrey the dinosaur.

 We went trick-or-treating in town with friends....and had so much fun!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taking a Ride on the Pumpkin Train!

The kids are fascinated with trains, and have been asking to take a train ride (again).  I came across the Pumpkin Train offered by the North Shore Scenic Railroad, and thought we would try it out!  Our dear friends, The Pumpers, met us in Duluth.  We love our 'family dates' with these guys!

 Hanging out, catching up, waiting for the train to arrive....

 Jon, Audrey, Ava, and Stacy

We rode out to a pumpkin patch where everyone got to choose a pumpkin, then headed back to the Depot for entertainment----jugglers, magicians, pumpkin carving, and face painting.  Nora wanted to have her face painted, and she was so still and patient while it was being done!

After Nora's face was painted, William decided it would be okay to have his face painted too. (Audrey was not about to have a stranger touch her face!).

 Audrey, William, and Ava saying goodbye after we had lunch.  I think it's safe to say that they enjoy each other's company!

 Nora, William, and Ava.  Can't wait to see you again, Stacy, Jon, and Ava!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 It's that time of year for's the time we have our family photos taken.  We have to have evidence that the kids really were that small (or big), my hair actually had color, and the Husband actually had hair!

I look forward to family photo shoot day.  And getting the photos back is right up there with Christmas Day!  

So here is us, now.....

Sarah Yankowiak, you are amazing! Thanks for capturing 'us.'

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Little Sis Got Hitched!!!

 My one and only sibling got married last weekend!  What an exciting and busy few days.  I am disappointed with how few photos the Husband and I actually took, but here is our summary of the wedding weekend.

 My sister and I, post-makeup, pre-ceremony on Friday morning.  It's fantastic to have your hair AND makeup two days in a row!  I could get used to that life of leisure!

My pretty mother.

Mother and daughter, ready for a wedding!

More lovely pictures...we may never look this nice again!

My sis and her two Amandas.

My dear Grandma Iris and my Great Aunt Barbara, waiting for the ceremony to start.  

 My father (looking rather striking in his new suit) and my handsome little man!!

My darling little Audrey.

Nora.  My sweet angel.


Audrey and her mother.

Taking a few seconds to rest before the ceremony.  We took some potentially beautiful pictures, which required some serious climbing/rock scaling before the ceremony started. broken bones and no major scratches.

The BRIDE and her Grandma Iris.  My sister was stunning!!!

My babies.  Watching (or not watching) their Auntie get married!

Auntie and Grant.  Vows overlooking majestic Lake Superior.  On a warm, sunny autumn day.  Perfect. 


Day 2 was Party Day!  Wedding favors were these quaint pint glasses with the Grant and Julie Logo.  My sister is seriously cool.

The Sisters had so much fun dancing with Cousin Ashley!!

This picture does not adequately display my son's moves.  William had so much fun dancing!  He was a bit of a show-off on the dance floor!!!

My sweet forever friend Jaime flew in with her love, Tim.  (Can't wait to see you two again, soon!!)

 The weekend was a blast.  Now I must sleep for a week to recover.  Cheers to my dear sis, my new brother!  Here's to a long, happy, healthy life together!!!!