Thursday, January 31, 2013

William the 6-Year Old

The eldest of our children turned 6 this week.  William is ecstatic about being *SIX*.  I am feeling old-old-old.

The celebrating started last week with the birthday party.  The kids had a blast!

Birthday morning---loving on The Sisters.

William wanted a specific Lego set for Christmas that was completely sold out, but I was able to find it for his birthday.  Can you tell how excited he was?!

He came home from school and started building.  He took a quick dinner break and went right back to work.

Dinner was his choice: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, mixed vegetables, and hot fudge sundaes for dessert.  
He must be kissing the cook in this photo!

Happy Birthday William!  We love you like crazy!!

Weekend Waterpark Fun with the Witciks

Early each new year, it has become tradition to meet our dear friends in Wisconsin Dells to spend a weekend together.  It's the perfect mid-winter getaway that doesn't require taking all the kids on an airplane. 

The weather is always tricky---last year it was a snowstorm, and this year it was an ice storm (so icy, in fact, that William did not have to miss a day of school, because school was already called off due to the treacherous roads).  The drive got long, thankfully the kids were able to rest.

The resort we stay at has 4 indoor water parks, so there was plenty to keep the kids entertained.

These lily pads were a hit!

The Husband and Audrey enjoying the indoor/outdoor hot tub.

Nora and Ellie.

Audrey being silly (and Mike and Baby Eric in the background).

William had an especially great time this year.  He was tall enough to do lots of the 'adult' slides.  I could not believe how brave this kid was....and he could not believe how much his old mother screams going down slides!!!

The adults and children alike seem to enjoy the water fun.  We take turns watching kids, because everyone enjoys a scary water slide ride, right?!?!

We not only had tons of fun in the waterparks, we got to meet the newest Witcik!  Baby Eric definitely gets my award for best baby EVER!  

 Ellie and Audrey making the most of their time together.

Second-born children unite!

The girls with Baby Eric.

Baby Eric was very loved on by our 3 kids!!

Always necessary to get a group shot---check out these silly faces!
We had so much fun hanging out and catching up, Witciks.  Can't wait to see you again soon!