Monday, March 18, 2013

Nora is 3!

Nora turned 3 last week!  In many ways, she seems beyond her years.  She speaks clearly and conveys her thoughts well.  She is very coordinated.  She has an incredible memory.  But she is just 3, and I am going to do my best to keep her little for as long as I can!

We had a William/Nora family birthday party in the beginning of March.  It was such fun to be with our families to celebrate the birthdays of our Winter Babies!
Here is Nora with her castle cake.  (This was so much fun to make!!!)

Make a wish, Nora!!

Lighting up William's Lego cake!

Ashely and Barb's birthday cake!

Nora opening gifts with Mummi Alice and Audrey.  (Audrey was so good about Nora and William getting gifts.  We talked a lot about how it is her turn to celebrate being a Fall Baby with Mom, right after summer).

Great Grandma Iris with William, Audrey, and Princess Nora!

Mummi Sylvia with William, Audrey, and Nora.

On Nora's official birthday, she had her choice of where to have lunch.   She choose Rafferty's Pizza!  Here is the birthday girl with Papa.

Posing with Mom.

After lunch, we picked up William from school and headed home.  Audrey wanted to throw Nora a tea party, so we had a tea party while we watched Cinderella!

Nora loved opening her gifts!  

*Pretending* to sleep with her birthday quilt.

Our trio!

Happy Birthday Nora Marilyn!  You are such a joy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ice Fishing 2013

We (haha...the Husband) introduced the kids to ice fishing in January.  This particular winter, the more winter hobbies you have the seems to be the never-ending!
Initially, they were all very interested, and that interest waned as the season went on for the older two.  Nora, however, became Papa's ice fishing buddy, and the two went out on many occasions.  

The scene on the ice.  Three little beings, a husband, and Martha (Who was a fantastic guard dog, never leaving her post outside the door.  She was made for this!!).

Lessons on the finer points of the sport.

William and Nora with the first fish!

Sometimes, a girl just has to take a break to make snow angels.  This is much more Audrey's style!!

Grandpa Bob totally got into the ice fishing too!

How many people can we fit into one house?!  (Mimi, Grandpa Bob, Grant, Auntie, Nora, Audrey, and not shown but present were William, the Husband, and yours truly).  

Grandpa Jeff is a very patient ice fisherman.

The Husband landed this walleye on his birthday!

Nora helping Papa weigh his "big fishy."

Audrey Girl.  

William and his catch.

Nora loves to touch the fish she catches!  "Can I TOUCH it?!?!"

Ice fishing for us has officially ended for 2012-2013, and not because the ice is too thin.  It may be June before the ice is out!  We can't wait to fish this summer!