Saturday, April 12, 2014

Everyday Life

We have lots of fun in our house.  It's safe to say that there is never a dull moment!!  I hope the kids can look back on their childhoods and smile and laugh. Here's just a peek at what we've been up to...

Martha is a HUGE part of our life.  She's sweet and patient and always up for a hug.

We've been working on chores and helping out around the house, now that the kids are getting older.

We went to the waterpark with our dear friends, the Witciks, this winter.   Looks like Audrey had fun on the slide!

Martha says, "I surrender to this crazy family!"

Happy Birthday Husband!

Skiing on the lake with Auntie and Grant was a blast!

Kids and dogs.

Love. Love. Love.

William enjoyed archery this winter. 

A wild game of Crazy 8s.  There were a few snow/cold school cancellations this year, so we had lots of time for board games!

Audrey and Nora with Grant at their dance recital.

Dance has been so fun for these two!

Audrey takes dance seriously.  She loves it!

William went ice fishing whenever he got a chance.

Nora and William with their perch.

Fishing and kissin'.

William likes to share what he knows with the sisters.  He is teaching Audrey sight words.

Little Audrey lost her first tooth in March!  It fell out in a piece of pizza (she could not figure out why the pizza would have a bone in it!!).  She looks so grown up with her missing tooth.

Audrey (5.5), William (7), Nora (4)

Nora is 4!

Nora just had her birthday...she's been waiting a long time to be 4!  We can't believe our youngest is ALREADY 4!  

Family birthday party.

Friend birthday party.

Lots of friends to help celebrate!


Finally four!

We love you, Little Nora!  Happy 4th Birthday!

William is 7!

We have a 7-year old in the house.  William is so excited to be 7.  It's so bittersweet...the time is flying!  He is such a wonderful child, and we are so proud of him, but could we just slow the clock down a little bit?!  

This kid loves Legos.  They were at the top of his birthday wish list.

His birthday meal---meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies....with our traditional candle in the mashed potatoes!

William had his last basketball game on his birthday.  He made a few baskets, which made the day even more exciting!

William and friends at his Outdoor Adventure birthday party.

William wanted a campfire cake with a buck...check out the flame---

Happy 7th Birthday William Owen!  We love you!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was so fun this year....every year it starts with the Husband choosing the "perfect" Christmas tree from the yard, and getting the old chainsaw out.

 Making sure the tree falls AWAY from the house....


 We heaved it into the house....a little bigger than he anticipated.

 We got it in the house, but we couldn't get it back out of the house to trim it.  The logical thing was to bring the chainsaw in and just take care of business in the living room.  (Look how happy he looks---chainsawing in the living room!)

 Santa at Bentleyville also marks the beginning of our Christmas celebration.  It was extremely cold this year.

 The girls had a dance recital mid-December.  They are enjoying dance!

Skaudis Christmas was our first celebration. 

 It's lots of fun to get together with all the cousins!!

 Mummi Alice, Grandpa Jeff, the Husband, Wade, Marjia, and Eddie

 Next was Kennedy Christmas.  This year's activity was making potica (a Slovenian pastry consisting of a sweet yeast dough rolled thin and filled with walnuts and honey).  My mom and aunt learned how to make it from their cousins, so they taught the rest of us the secrets.  

 The bakers!

 Christmas morning.

 Grandma Iris with the kids and me.

 William got a bow for Christmas---target practice Christmas afternoon with Martha.

 Post-Christmas snow-shoeing around the lake.

 Tired Nora!

 Martha can't wait for Christmas to come again!