Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Cousin

There is a new baby in the family! Sister-in-law Marjia and her husband Derek had a baby girl last week, Livia Elizabeth. She is itty bitty and sweet as can be!

Nora, The Husband, Livia, William, and Audrey

William ADORED Livia...and he was convinced Livia loved him best!

Nora insisted on holding the baby. She commanded, "Nora hold it, Nora hold it!" Nora and Livia are 2 years and a day apart in age. Amazing how much they grow in 2 years!

Audrey was so captivated by Auntie Marjia's pretty house and the baby's room, it was hard to convince her to sit for a picture with the baby. She held Livia's feet!

We are so excited about a new cousin!

Welcome, Baby Livia!

Nora Isn't a Baby Anymore!

I'm a little late in posting about Nora's was 10 days ago. My baby has been 2 for 10 days already! We had a family birthday party a few weeks before Nora's birthday. We are so fortunate to be near family and to have so many come out to celebrate our kids!
Nora with Mummi Sylvia (Darin's Grandma)---LOVE this picture!!

Celebrating in style.

Audrey has a ladybug Pillow Pet that Nora has had her eye on for awhile, thanks to Mimi and Grandpa Bob, she now has her own!

Great Grandma Iris, Nora, and me

The husband, his grandma, and the kids.

Nora loves Dora, so a Dora cake was in order!

Nora got instructions from brother "Wee-um" on how to properly blow out the candles, complete with a warning to stay back from the flame.

We also had to celebrate on Nora's true birthday......
"Good Morning Sunshine!" (Yes, still in a sleep sack so that she does not climb out of her crib!)

Birthday lunch

We were caked-out, so instead of a traditional birthday cake again, we had dirt cake. (Thanks to my dear friend E for the recipe!)

The gummy worms were Audrey's favorite part!

William loved all of it!

What birthday would be complete without Dora underwear, especially when you are potty trained (except for night and nap)?!

Aren't they getting big?!?!

This picture was taken a year ago. Nora has grown so much in a year! She is so loved by her brother "Wee-um" and her sister "Auds" and of course by her parents and big dog "Farfa." Nora learns so quickly and picks up from her siblings...she has 4 and 5 word sentences! She is witty, charming, and often entertains us with her silly sense of humor. Can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

I couldn't not include this picture of the 3. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is in the Air!!!

Last week we decided it was time for the kids to get reacquainted with the swings and slides. It was a warm, sunny morning, perfect for a trip to the park!

This weekend was really warm for northern Minnesota in March. The temperatures climbed to the mid-50s, and the kids decided it was officially summer weather! Our driveway is so fun when the snow melts, morphing into an irresistible pond!

William (the dress shoes were a last resort---every other pair of shoes and boots that he could fit on his feet were soaking wet) working on his perfecting his cast.

Believe it or not, this child really does have a drawer full of pants.

Nora love loves loves water!

Martha watching The Sisters in the water.

Nora was ecstatic to be able to splash in the water.

William told me Spring was his favorite season!

Serious boots for serious play.

My free-spirited, Audrey Girl!

Seriously excited about the spring thaw!!

Audrey has missed collecting she is with a pocket full!

Though it has been a mild winter, we are so excited for Spring and Summer!