Thursday, August 29, 2013

Camping with the Grandparents

Our annual camping trip with the Grandparents--Mimi and Grandpa Bob--was to beautiful Grand Marais this year.  The Husband and I hadn't been up to Grand Marais in a decade, so it was time to head up the shore and show it to the kids!  

We camped, toured the quaint town, and ate some great food (there are some really good restaurants in Grand Marais, my current favorite is The Pie Place).

The Husband and Nora, always on the hunt for special rocks.  

Audrey getting a lesson on how to skip rocks, from the MASTER SKIPPER!

Brrr...doesn't it look chilly?!

Our family.  

Mimi and Grandpa Bob.

 The lovely Lake Superior.

Nora, really relaxed, sitting at the campfire.

The famous World's Best Donuts has some impressive donuts!

"Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil," perhaps?!  They requested a silly picture.

Happy Grandparents, Happy Grandchildren.  Taking a break after hiking.

Much to Mimi's dismay (Mimi is a tad afraid of heights), we walked out to Artists' Point.  

 These kids are impressive on the rocks.

Grandpa Bob thought the walk out to Artists' Point was impressive!

Love rock sculptures!

 Mimi and crew....made it all the way to the end and were rewarded with gorgeous views of Lake Superior!

Constructing a fort on one of the Lake's many rock beaches.

I never tire of these landscapes!

 Thanks for a fun trip, Mimi and Grandpa Bob!  Where are we headed next summer?