Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three Kids in a Canoe

My father-in-law gave us a canoe. He is such a great man. He doesn't say much, but he makes sure everyone in his family has what they need. That being said, the kids are so excited to have a canoe. I can appreciate their enthusiasm. I enjoy going canoeing, but in ideal conditions (sunny, windless, and without children who tend to stand, wiggle, and dance). Darin insisted we take all the kids in the canoe tonight. The weather was perfect. I assumed the supervisory role on the dock, taking pictures, and waiting for a capsize.

I love autumn.

Getting things ready.

William wants to learn how everything works. He wants to always be an expert. I imagine this was how Darin was as a child. Good traits to have.

The girls get into position. Notice the log....to oppose Darin's weight in the back. (No offense honey---you are perfect!!).

Taking off. Nora is already hanging out of the canoe. Eek!

William learning to paddle.

...and here comes Martha. Nora was calling for Martha, and Martha came. She kept up with the canoe for as long as she could.

The looks on their faces indicate how much fun they had!

"Nora---sit!" She threw her green bear into the lake and was trying to reach it.

My favorite time of day.

Love this.

Headed back in. No one went overboard. That is success!

Audrey was a great rider---she remained sitting the whole time. All 3 are ready for next time!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Boy

I have learned in my short 4.5 years of parenting that there are stages. Some are good and some not quite as good. William (to this point) has had very few not so good stages. He WANTS to obey me, and WANTS to learn, and WANTS to be good. (Am I jinxing myself now, by writing this?!?!). However, this week has been a challenge. We had 3 days of him not listening well, and being really physical with his sisters. He does not hit, kick, punch...but he lifts 'the sisters'. And carries 'the sisters' around, much to their distaste. I was honest with him, and asked what happened to my William that listened, obeyed, and was kind?

Today was a great day with him. Tonight at dinner, William told me, "Your William is back! I am going to obey!" When I put him to bed tonight he asked me, "Do I have to live alone when I get big?"
"Well, you will probably live with your wife and kids."
He sweetly asks, "Could we all live in this house together, because I need you and I love you so much."

My boy is back!
(an old picture---but one of my favorites!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Birthdays and a Wedding

Last weekend was a weekend of celebration. Our dear Audrey Bea turned 3! The following day my dad turned 56 AND my lovely sister-in-law was married. The weather was fantastic. We were able to spend time with family, and see relatives we don't see often enough. It was a beautiful weekend!

We took Audrey out for a little birthday treat...gelato from a favorite coffee shop.

She loved it....chocolate mint.

Make a wish!

And blow those candles out quick before brother and sister do.

Audrey's big gift from us was a quilt. I was able to make it in secret, so it was a complete surprise.

After the rehearsal dinner (all 3 kids were in the wedding), Mummi Alice threw Audrey a birthday party, complete with homemade chocolate cake, party hats, noisemakers, and lots of relatives.

Happy girl.

We were able to take Grandpa Bob out for birthday breakfast to celebrate his big day.

This fancy lady put her gloves on before the wedding and did not take them off til midnight.

William is smooth....

Darin dancing with Nora.

This is Nora's new way to smile. Complete cheese.

The kids were so excited to dance with Auntie Jude. And how could you blame them, she is a fine dancer!

Shake it.

(These are out of order). The ride from the church to the reception resulted in this. A little 'reset.'

Except Nora was not about to rest. She had things to giggle about instead!

Nora didn't actually end up walking down the aisle with the other 2 flower girls, but she sure looked cute!

Handsome William took his job as ring bearer very seriously.

Waiting for family pictures.

Audrey was darling and held the other flower girl's hand walking down the aisle. She was so thrilled about the 'princess dress' and gloves.

Our best shot at a family picture.

Marjia looked stunning! Here is a picture of the new Mr. and Mrs. Jorgenson. We wish them a long life together filled with health and happiness!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer and Fall Collide.

Last week William started back up at preschool and Audrey started and I started a parent/tot gymnastics class. This particular day just happened to be absolutely gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky and temperatures hovering right above 80. One could not ask for a better summer day. It was as though our summer and fall worlds collided. We made the most of the weather and had a perfect evening on the lake after we fulfilled our day's obligations.

Audrey at gymnastics. I think she will really enjoy it!

William was so excited to start his 2nd year at Little Lambs!

Golden. I adore this light.

My 3!

More sunset. I dig sunsets. But that is for another day's post.

This is my love teaching our boy how to properly hold a fish. I love him.....and him.

We eat on the boat. More the kids than me (usually). This is how I keep everyone content long enough for someone to catch something. I think Nora was pocketing Mike and Ikes in her cheek at this moment.

Here fishy, fishy!

And THIS is Martha. The baby of the family. Isn't she pretty?

Audrey has come a long way as a fisherwoman. She has started to enjoy fishing.

Doesn't he look like a natural?

This is Martha waiting for a fish. She is exceedingly gentle. She just likes to lick the water off the fish.

Father and Daughter.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer's Recap

Summer was fun. Really fun. Not sure if it was because we are settled into our house and our life, or maybe because we no longer have an infant in the house and I have come out of that newborn fog. Regardless of the reason, summer was great. No big trips, no huge adventures. We had a leisurely 3 months. Now we are back to schedules and alarm clocks. Alas! Enjoy some of my favorite memories of the summer!

I allow the kids to ride bikes in the house (call me crazy!) because of how bad the bugs got this summer. Nora loved the ride from her brother!!

Our lake has a fishing contest every summer. William won 2nd place in the Children's Division. He is so proud of his trophy!

Audrey having a heart-to-heart discussion with Mummi Sylvia. Mummi Sylvia is often on our minds because we know she misses Grandpa Walter (and we do too).

Darin and Nora have quite a bond. He is who she calls for when she wakes in the morning. I hope they will always be so close.

We have a shed that the kids think is wonderful. Darin has been busy building shelves out there, and the kids love to hang out with him. They are too high off the ground for my taste. Darin is so much more fun than I am!

William and Audrey have this game called "SCRAMBLE." I have no idea where it came from, or how they invented it. One calls out scramble, and they both run and giggle. This was taken after Audrey "SCRAMBLED!"

Nora on my favorite slide as a child. Nostalgia! Olcott Park!!

We spent most of the sunny days swimming and playing in the sand by the lake. William and Audrey both took swimming lessons at the Y and made great progress in the water.

Grandpa Bob (aka BOB-O) and Nora enjoying a boat ride.

Audrey in the golden sun.

Doesn't it look like my dad is saying something really wise here?

William participated in T-ball through the YMCA. It was 2 days a week for just the month of July. He really enjoyed it and can't wait for next summer!