Monday, June 18, 2012

Tying, Fancy Hair, and A Dolly Named Baby Livia

We are loving this season of summer vacation!  Here is a little of our week---

William has been wanting to master shoe-tying for awhile.  Our Mimi bought him a book to help him get the hang of it.  Last week, he and I sat down, I showed him once, and then he did it!  It must have been the right timing, or the explanation just clicked.  Now he is a shoe-tying machine!


My Audrey Girl loves all things pretty.  One day she wanted to make her hair extra special, but her hair is very fine and doesn't hold curl. We decided to braid her hair after showers in the evening, and then we 'release' them in the morning. Voila'!  Audrey has 'fancy' hair that she is so proud of!  
Here is Audrey with her braids, her Nutcracker sweater, and one of her favorite 'fancy' winter dresses.

My little beauty.

Nora has a baby she is over the moon about.  She has named her 'Baby Livia' after her cousin, Livia.  This baby doll has made appearances at WeeCare at the Y, Target, Cub, and never misses dinner, sitting next to Nora's plate!  Nora rocks her baby, and has a special song she sings to Baby Livia.  It goes, "Rock-a-bye Baby, DON'T SAY MAYBE!!!!"

At night, Baby Livia gets tucked in, just like Nora!

Now, if only I could bottle up these wonderful, jovial days spent with my babies....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fishing Contest 2012

Our lake had its annual fishing contest on Saturday.  We look forward to it every year!  It's very family-friendly, and always nice to catch up with our neighbors.  Radio and snacks in hand, we were were ready for a morning of fishing.  We did not catch anything big, but the bass were biting, and we all had fun catching fish!

We caught a big one!

William is very serious about fishing contests.  He won second place last year, and was hoping to take home another trophy.

 Little Audrey with her big catch.

William and Audrey flagging down the officials to weigh our fish.

Martha enjoys her time on the water.  Check out her haircut, courtesy of the husband!

We did take home an award---Audrey won the Guppy Award (for the smallest fish, a 1 ounce sunfish)!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

William Lost His First Tooth!

William has had a wiggly tooth for over a month.  His permanent tooth had already erupted, so we set a goal to get the baby tooth out by Saturday (yesterday).  He was not excited about touching the tooth at all, so I had been wiggling it all week.  William made himself breakfast yesterday morning--a banana and granola bar.  After breakfast, he felt in his mouth and the tooth was gone!  We looked everywhere, but he is pretty sure he ate the tooth with his banana....

Toothless Wonder!

Checking out the new space, a perfect fit for a straw.

Since we didn't have a tooth for under the pillow, we hoped the Tooth Fairy would find a letter acceptable.

We are really into celebrating in our house.  We had banana splits to celebrate the loss of William's tooth!

The letter must have been ok...the tooth fairy left money and a sucker!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


A week ago our my friend E made an 8-hour drive with her 2 young children to spend the weekend with us.  Both of our husbands were scheduled to work/be on call, so it was 2 moms + 5 children (with one on the way--her, not me!).  The kids played hard all day, and once they went to bed, the moms were able to catch up, watch movies, and even do a sewing project and work a little on baby books!  It was perfect!!

The husband came home one evening, so we took advantage and went fishing.  

 We enjoyed some beautiful weather, and the sunnies were biting!

E and all the kids...William (5), Audrey (3.5), Ellie (3.5), Noah (2), and Nora (2).

A group shot while they watched The Backyardigans.

Ellie and Audrey enjoyed each other's company so much!  They had tea parties, painted nails, and dressed alike!

We played a little baseball.

And built some forts and houses.

The 5 in the fort they made.

Ellie is such a sweet girl!

Noah LOVED Martha!

William was sad to see Ellie go.  

We can't wait to see you again soon, E, Ellie, and Noah!  Thanks for coming!