Monday, September 30, 2013

The Cabin on Lake Vermilion

Grandma Marilyn, the Husband's grandmother, has a special place in my heart.  While she was alive, we spent many weekends up on Lake Vermilion at her cabin.  We took her fishing, we visited, we ate, and played cards.  I got to know her very well.  She left this world for Heaven January 30, 2005.  I hadn't been up to the cabin until just recently.  Though it was strange to be there without her, it was time to share this special place with the kids.  

We had a warm, sunny, perfect day on the lake!

The fishing wasn't great, but that didn't matter to the sisters.  

 We had to bring our Big Martha with us.  

 Mummi Alice drove up to join us.  She brought fun hats and lots of snacks.  We took her for a memorable boat ride!

 Nora posing with a sign that Grandma Marilyn made. It states:
"Please leave the place as clean as you found it," with a picture of her and her beloved dog Katie.
Nora Marilyn is named after Grandma Marilyn.

Marilyn was not crazy about this photo, but I love it.  She is straight off the lake, still in her fishing hat, just as I remember her.  

A New School Year

I am behind, we have a month of school already in.  It's amazing, we fell right back into a routine, and it feels good (and busy!).

William's first day of 1st Grade, with the sisters.

He was READY for first grade.  

 Another first---taking the bus home some days, which he loves!

Audrey's first day of her second year at Little Lambs.  She loves showing her little sister the ropes.   

 Look out Little comes Nora!  This girl has waited and waited for her turn at school.  The teachers at Little Lambs see the Skaudis girls five days a week....they have become like family!

The girls are taking dance at the Reif Center, taught by a real ballerina.  Here they are dressed for class, posing on stage.

We're looking forward to a great year!

Happy 5th Birthday Audrey!

Our sweet Audrey turned 5 earlier this month.  This lucky girl had birthday celebrations that lasted 3 weeks. It started with a birthday party for friends...park, pizza, and a piƱata, what more could a girl ask for?!


Thanks, friends, for braving the heat and helping us celebrate!

Next, Audrey's traditional Labor Day weekend family birthday party.
Auntie Marjia and Livia with Audrey.

Great Aunt Barb came to help us celebrate.

Mimi and Grandpa Bob with the Birthday Girl.

Mummi Alice and Great Mummi Sylvia brought Audrey birthday flowers!

Great Grandma Iris (GGI) and Audrey.

Auntie and Grant with the kids.

Audrey's REAL birthday finally rolled also happened to be her first day of preschool.  So much excitement!  We were so happy to celebrate our smart, loving, little dolly!

The kids think that a candle in mashed potatoes=a good birthday dinner.  I can't disappoint!

Making a wish on her dirt cake!
We love you like crazy Audrey Girl!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer's End

The latter half of summer was glorious....a few trips, but otherwise no schedule, staying up late, sleeping in, playing, swimming, riding!  Here is a collection of our highlights.

We took a trip to Minneapolis to see Auntie and Grant. It's so fun to go to the city to see them!
We started the day at the delicious Birchwood Cafe, which is practically in their backyard.  Audrey patiently waited for her breakfast.

Next up was the Walker Art Center.
A family photo in front of the Spoonbridge and Cherry is a must!

This man was carving wooden spoons.  He captured our attention for a very long time, and the Husband and William came home inspired to be wood carvers.  

Grant and Nora walking through Cowles Conservatory.

Audrey admiring the Standing Glass Fish.

After refueling with Izzy's Ice Cream, we stopped at Choo Choo Bob's Train Store in St. Paul.  This was a toy store and more...electric trains to watch, train tables for the kids to play with, and super friendly staff, very impressive!

Even the grown ups had fun at Choo Choo Bobs!

The kids loved Auntie and Grant's neighborhood park!

Brave children on this web rope climber!

Audrey Girl had no fear of heights, here she is hanging at the top of the structure. 

Auntie and the kids took a dip in the wading pool.

And the men relaxed.

Auntie and Grant's neighbors have kids and a really cool yard with an awesome tree fort.  The husband came home not only with dreams of becoming a wood carver, but of making the kids a tree fort (that will be a post for another day, the tree fort is *almost* done!!).

Auntie and Grant with William, Audrey, and Nora.

We decided it was time Nora get out of her crib and up into the girls' room, where she had a bed (and a big sister) waiting for her.  The girls have beautiful beds the Husband built for them, but often the sleep "slumber party style" on the floor.  I love that they share a room!

It was a big summer for these girls.  They also learned to ride their bikes (no training wheels)!!  We are so proud of them!

The girls are so happy!!

Awesome Audrey!

Electric Eleanor!

We went with Grandpa Jeff and Mummi Alice to Grandpa's annual Mining Picnic at the Minnesota Discovery Center.  It was fun to learn about how the mines work, get a tour of a mine, and spend the day with Mummi and Grandpa!

Audrey didn't want to sit in the fire truck, but she was glad to pose outside of it.

We took a trolley ride through former mining communities and around the mine pits.  It was a fun and informative day!!

We got to spend time with sweet Mummi Sylvia.

We were on the boat a lot.  Here are William and Nora with Buzz (Mimi and Grandpa Bob's hound dog).

Nora and Mimi.

We were witness to some magical sunsets.

Nora...just hanging around!

Nora engaging Martha in deep conversation.  

William and Nora out fishing one cool morning.

Little Nora.  You're growing too fast, little girl!

We got to spend a hot afternoon with Cousin Ashley and Aunt Barb swimming and hanging out before Ashley left for college.

When we were home, we spent nearly every afternoon swimming.  

William (and Martha)


It was a glorious summer.