Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Summer

Summer is over...and was it a blast!  It was our best summer yet.  Was it because 'the baby' was 2?  Was it because the weather was wonderfully hot?  Was it because the kids were old enough to enjoy being outdoors?  I think it was because of all 3.  Here is a (huge) collection of some of my favorite non-event, 'everyday' pictures from the summer season.

We had lots of time to leisurely smell the flowers!

Nora really does ride on the back of the tricycle as Audrey drives!  

I just adore these girls!

The Husband had some dirt hauled in to do some landscaping.  Nothing like a pile of dirt to make a boy happy!

 William and Martha fishing.

Audrey and a fishy! a sled...that he uses as a boat in the summer!



Enjoying a little post-swimming snack.  We went swimming off the boat several times.  So so fun!  

With my parents in the middle of the lake.

Maybe inspired by the Summer Olympics...he was working on perfecting his jumps.

Ohh...hope he is ok with me sharing these...they make me smile!

Look at that form!

William played T-ball again this summer through the YMCA.

Amazing how much he improved since last summer.

We had time to be silly!

William and Audrey in the kiddie pool...they loved this almost as much as the lake!

Nora and her big doggy.

Nora and her big Papa.

A chimney fire/Olympic torch, inspired by the Summer Olympics.

Very cool, but a little dangerous for my taste.  

WARRIOR AUDREY!  (Love this picture!!)

Nora loving the beach.


My Loves!

Awww...she shares her popsicle with Martha!

 Another glorious sunset.  

 Only 8 months until we can do it all again...I can't wait!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Audrey Turned 4....Celebrations Galore!!

This little princess is 4!

We started to celebrate Audrey's birthday early.  We had a friend party the end of August, complete with a Pinkilicious theme.  It was the birthday party that I have always wanted to give!  

Audrey decided we would eat turkey dinner (which I was happy to cook, despite the very warm weather party day!).  

Instead of games we decorated cookies---castles, tiaras, and fancy shoes!

Audrey had a blast!  Thanks for coming, friends.

A week and a half later, it was time to celebrate with family.

Mummi Alice and Great Mummi Sylvia were here to help celebrate!

Mimi and Grandpa Bob were here for the fun (Grandpa Bob's birthday is the day after Audrey's, we have lots to celebrate in September!).

Great Grandma Iris was surrounded by love!!!

Barb and Ashley came for Audrey's special day!  Lots of family resemblance going on in this picture, don't you think?

Auntie and Grant with the birthday girl!

Audrey got so many thoughtful and wonderful gifts. What a lucky girl.

William and Audrey, after he gave her a card he made.

Grant supervised the card creation.  William specifically wanted the card to read:
 "Happy Birthday Audrey.  
William loves you."  
He really loves his sister.

Pondering what this year's wish should be....

 Happy, Happy Birthday sweet daughter!  You are such a kind, joyful, intelligent girl.  I can't wait to see what the next year holds for you!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New Chapter

Today is a day I have been dreading for awhile.....William's first day of Kindergarten.  I have been dreading it only for selfish reasons.  I have been home with William his whole life, and I have enjoyed every day of those 5.5 years!  Today marks the end of a cozy, lovey, happy time, having all my babies at home with me.  It also marks the beginning of the next chapter, the exciting adventures of elementary school!  I am so thankful for the school he is at (close to dad's work), and for his teacher (who he thinks is beautiful and super nice, and who I think is going to be a perfect fit for us!).  It's going to be a fun and busy year!

My boy is ready for Kindergarten, and I couldn't be more proud!


On his way into Kindergarten Warm-Up.  Remarkably, I held it together while in school, and allowed myself to shed a tear in the car.

"There's my MOM!" He was so excited to tell us about his first day!

My babies!  Could they stay this little forever?

I have so much gratitude for my friends (always, but especially this week) sweet friend Kelly, who watched Nora so that I could be with William this morning; and lots of others for all the *love*, in person, over the phone, and texts (I think my friends knew this was a big transition for me!).

It should also be noted, the poor husband is busy at work this week, so he has been absent from all these big 'firsts' and has been living vicariously through my pictures.