Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Start of Another School Year

We had the best summer.  I appreciated every day of no schedule, and every day with the kids.  I adore summers as much as the kids do, and I really love when we are all home together.  All good things must come to an end, however, and then we get to start on a different, but equally as good, adventure!

My William, the morning before he started 2nd Grade!  

The girls didn't start as early as Brother.  They don't look too happy.  (Nora is looking particularly scrappy in this photo....she rode her bike down the hill to the lake and landed on her face--OUCH).

Audrey's first day of Kindergarten.  This girl was ready for school, but I wasn't quite ready for her to go.  Nora and I miss her during the day. (She is holding a love note from dad, that she folded up and still keeps in her pencil box at school).

William is thrilled to have Audrey in the same school.  He is a great big brother to her!!

 We are so excited to see these kids after school!!!!

Nora and the Husband before her first day of her last year of Preschool!

It's hard to believe our baby is finishing up her last year at Little Lambs.  I am savoring each day with her at home.

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